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Microtonal Healing ProgramCourses

The purpose of Microtonal Healing course work:

1. To develop the voice as natural vibrational medicine,
2. To provide education about the vocal healing process,

This program is designed to guide participants in an exploration of the vocal healing experience. It is intended for individuals seeking personal development of vocal healing techniques, as well as therapists, medical professionals and practitioners of the healing arts. The voice is vibrational medicine that complements natural healing processes. It is a vital aspect of integrative medicine.

Microtonal healing is an intuitive approach to healing with the voice. It involves an integration of Microtonal Singing, Overtone Chanting, Toning, and Sacred Soundings. Having an array of vocal healing techniques available and understanding the characteristics of each practice is essential to using them for optimum benefit.

The voice is a gateway to inner processes. Each practice, whether toning, microtonal singing, overtone chanting, or sacred soundings requires dedication, focus, and mindfulness. Program participants are guided in developing the skills to work effectively using microtonal healing visionary techniques.

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Microtonal Singing

Essentials of Microtonal Singing—A Free eSeminar—Now available

Microtonal singing is at the heart of understanding the intricacies of vocal healing. This transformational session offers a gentle introduction to microtonal singing. It lays the foundation for understanding microtonal healing concepts and provides the skills with which to recognize the healing functions of your vocalizations. Microtonal singing is a naturally integrated practice derived from the raga form music of North India. The musical terms and practices of that tradition are explored with experiential exercises that enliven awareness of the microtonal space. As microtones ripple on the breath, the voice modulates energy into balance and alignment. Participants in this training discover the flexible and fluid quality of the microtonal voice, and come to trust that it knows the way to a state of grace.


Individual training only at this time. Available by appointment.

Toning, the sounding of one clear tone is an essential practice of microtonal vocal healing. This session is designed to develop an awareness of the resonant qualities of sounding. Exploration of the intricacies of the voice, its color, light, and motion is facilitated in experiential exercises. Using specific tones, vowels, and colors, participants develop the art of tuning chakras, thus bringing coherency to their auric field. Participants are encouraged to develop a natural meditation practice of toning that simply heals.


Overtone Chanting

Individual training only at this time. Available by appointment.

Overtone chanting is an ancient vocal practice for meditation and healing in which harmonic overtones are produced while sounding one tone. Workshop participants experience the voice massaging and tuning the body from the inside out while listening to the flute-like overtones that appear to float around the room. Awareness of body-mind-spirit is heightened along with an increase in vocal capacity to produce and sustain tone. This intensive provides detailed instruction and practice in sounding overtones. Participants are facilitated in developing vocal intention and working with energy.


Sacred Soundings

Individual training only at this time. Available by appointment.

This session could easily be titled Humm-Drumm, but it is more than that. Attention is focused on expanding awareness of vibrational and emotional energy in sounds, unwords and nonsense syllables. Participants are asked to elicit these patterns of primordial sounds, to listen as they are spoken or sung, and to experience them internally, to feel them and go with the flow in the moment. This practice can be intense as well as playful as your sacred soundings extract the essence of emotions from deep within.

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No prior vocal or musical experience is required.


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