2005 Visionary Award
Alternative Health Books

Microtonal Healing: Spirit of the Healing Voice is an essential resource for anyone pursuing healing voice work. This is an in-depth guide detailing the intricacies of microtonal singing and the vocal healing process. It brings a fresh approach to cultivating your voice as vibrational medicine by laying the foundation for understanding microtonal healing concepts. This comprehensive book includes a discussion of overtone chanting, toning, and sacred sounds, while describing the specific role of each practice in the healing process.

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"Where harmonics tend to lead an explorer into the invisible realm and the laws of the universe, microtonal concepts return us to the flow of life on Earth. We need to recognize the living force in sounds of the human voice and the sounds of nature. Where harmonics and microtones meet is the space between. It is there that we will find a theoretical foundation that supports the healing voice." (pp. 34-35)

"More than any other vocal healing practice, microtonal vocalizations are propelled by the emotionality that lingers in the cellular structure of the body." (p. 56)

"Punctuating overtone chanting with periods of silence deepens its attributes of mental focus and inner calm. The length of the silent space determines the depth of the experience." (p. 125)

"Any vocal sounds that are perceived as imperfections…are perfect expressions of your internal state. What is perceived as an imperfection is a point of entry to a healing place." (p. 62)


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