Linda L. Nielsen, Ph.D.

Writer, Researcher, Healing Voice Evangelist

Dr. Nielsen is a cultural anthropologist and a transpersonal psychologist specializing in vocal healing practices. The research, development and application of a microtonal framework with which to approach healing processes are unique to her work. She enjoys working with groups and individuals as they develop their voices as natural vibrational medicine with microtonal singing, overtone chanting, toning, and sacred soundings. Witnessing a person's self-assured presence blossom as they bring a dedicated and playful spirit to vocal exploration is truly a gift.

The microtonal healing program is being made available in eSeminar format beginning with Essentials of Microtonal Singing. There is no charge for this eSeminar so that all may have the opportunity to know the power of their microtonal healing voice.

2004. Microtonal Healing: Spirit of the Healing Voice. Camarillo, CA: DeVorss & Co.
2000. In Search of Healing Voices. Dissertation. San Francisco: CIIS
1999. "Ahhh. The Healing Voice" (co-author with Silvia Nakkach). NY: Ellipsis Arts.


As the Light of Love shines within each of us,
the Divinity of Humanity is realized


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